What makes us different?

Our culture-centered program has gained recognition locally, abroad, and in the media. Read below to find out why we believe you should choose KCC!

Moms Lead the Way

Founded and operated by dedicated African-American home school moms, KCC has a hands-on approach to education.

Parents Trust the Journey

For over a decade, KCC has provided culturally enhancing educational experiences for more than 1,000 children.

We See the Bigger Picture

We believe that a broadened sense of awareness and recognition of the cultures around us is something that shouldn’t come at a premium or prohibitive cost.


Moms Lead the Way.

As experienced mom educators, we design and implement our culturally diverse curriculum from scratch, working collaboratively with each other to plan and execute engaging activities for children of all backgrounds and learning styles.

Each year, we spend 11 months planning, creating, and perfecting our programs and services to ensure that each child has a positive and memorable educational experience.


To Inspire Children to Love Learning, Embrace Culture, and Live Mindfully.


Parents Trust the Journey.

We see the bigger picture and understand the impact of teaching children about world cultures in memorable ways and how doing so nurtures an appreciation and respect for others (something we all need a little more of these days!).

Our programs and products highlight the African influence in every culture that we study, along with the influence of those cultures that are also scarcely celebrated in traditional educational settings. In the process, we’re fulfilling our mission “To inspire children to love learning, embrace culture, and live mindfully.”


We See the Bigger Picture.

Our culture-centered programs have gained recognition across the world with features in The Hill Newspaper, East of the River Newspaper, D.C. Charter Schools Magazine, WPFW 89.3 Talk Radio, and The Mommy Chronicles Blog Talk Radio.

Since our inception, KCC has consistently received overall parent ratings of “Excellent” each year. With students from over 8 different states and two countries outside of the U.S., parents travel far and wide to embark on a summer journey that their children would otherwise not have exposure to.

Kids & Culture Camp Cookbook Front Cover (Paperback)

The second edition of KCC's Cookbook: "Vegan Cuisines from Around the World," takes your taste buds on an interactive culinary journey to sample a variety of cuisines from different regions while offering insight into the history of the dishes and ingredients along the way. The 35 plant-based and dairy-free recipes provided in this cookbook span the Americas, the Caribbean, Islands of the World, African Fare, Asia, and Australia, and each recipe is confidently kid-tested and approved.

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