The truth is in the testimonials. Our referrals come from conscience parents who seek diverse educational opportunities for their children.


KCC’s unique way of inspiring children to celebrate cultural diversity in memorable ways is beloved by parents


A+ Excellent

Since 2010 KCC has received overall parent ratings of “Excellent” each year.

Attentive Staff

KCC’s team treats each child with love and compassion throughout the learning experience as if they are our very own.

I love that my kids get to explore various parts of the world and are so excited to tell me about their day. They have so much fun and learn so many things at the same time. They have told me several times that they wish camp would last all year!
Happy Parent

Last night Ayinde started crying before bedtime. “What’s wrong baby?” I asked. “I want more Kids & Culture Camp,” cried Ayinde.” But baby, camp is over,” I say rubbing his back. “Mommy, I really want more camp. I don’t want it to be over,” he continued to cry. Then when we were saying our prayers, he said, “And God Bless Jali-D.
Monica, Washington DC

As the parent of a school-age child it had been a challenge finding an affordable camp that would engage her, while providing a safe learning environment. Kids and Culture Camp has provided that kind of place. The teachers were attentive and nurturing, the classrooms were full of color, crafts and light. Each day brought new expectations for my little one. She learned of different continents from Asia to Africa; their dress, food and language while having fun. There were various learning sessions on meditation, creative play, and art. The detailed information allowed my 5 year old to appreciate her culture and others. She came home with songs, drawings and facts, about these countries. The field trips were her favorite because she was able to see her very own culture up close and personal. Touring the campus of a historical black college and visiting the community bookstore at story-time allowed her to see the local neighborhood in a hands-on experience. What I appreciated most were the small, well-managed classes and attentiveness of the teachers. My daughter will again attend all the summer sessions of Kids and Culture Camp. I highly recommend the camp to all.
S.M., Washington DC

We were so excited to receive a scholarship for all 3 of our children (4, 7, & 9 yrs old) to attend the wonderful Kids & Culture Camp. The camp being in our neighborhood was a great plus- we walked a few mornings! All of our children enjoyed the classes and the outdoor games. This was our 4-year-old’s first camp experience and he had a great time; whenever we drive pass the camp site he says “Mom, there is MY summer camp!”
Jacobs, Washington DC

My daughter came home from her second day at a NEW camp, almost in tears, saying “I miss Kids and Culture.” She learned so much and felt so accepted and encouraged, and was so excited about her camp-mates. It was an amazing experience for her, and has transformed her in unexpected ways. She has connected with new ways to express her emotions (drumming!), and has gained new confidence in her physical abilities (including the coordination to do hand slapping games, but also mastering the monkey bars! She became interested in religion, world history, and the role of women in society. I just wanted to say thank you. You provided a truly special experience for our daughter, and we can’t wait till next year.
M.R., Takoma Park, MD

I have four children who attended Kids and Culture Camp for the first time last summer, thanks to being awarded the Ward 4B scholarship. All of my children agreed that the Kids and Culture Camp was the best camp experience they ever had! They were excited and eager to venture to camp each day to have fun with friends and enjoy the various activities that were provided. Water day was hands-down everyone’s favorite day! I really liked the warm and caring staff, the culturally-based weekly themes, the variety of creative activities for each day and the sense of safety I felt in leaving my children in their care. This camp is a must!
Kimberly, Washington DC

We would highly recommend KCC. Our pre-k daughter loved KCC last summer. She still talks about how much fun she had at “my camp.” We loved KCC because of the dynamic design of the curriculum especially the weekly change in country cultures! This was the first camp we ever sent our daughter to, and were immediately comfortable [with the] professional, dedicated, and loving staff.

J.A.,Washington DC

I have to say that I had my kids at the Kids and Culture camp Jania directed and it was indeed great! This past summer, I was so pleasantly surprised when my then 3 year old was able to recognize the flag of Brazil, and tell me about Koalas living in the deep dark forests of Australia, novelties in which she reveled! She seemed to have had a lot of fun and it was a very convenient choice for us.

A.P., Washington DC

I have to drive past the school on a regular basis where the camp was held last summer. My seven year-old reminds me that is where he went to camp and how much fun he had at the camp! Especially, the songs and games he learned at the camp. In addition to the cultural and academic enrichment that the camp provided, I think the camp provided a much needed alternative to parents in the community during the summer months who wanted something that was fun and rewarding for their children.

F.A.,Washington DC

My 2 year old (who has not yet attended camp) started singing the Kids and Culture Camp Anthem after hearing the older children talk about camp! She has also become a pro at learning the Continents through the song you all taught the older kids last year. Awesome! Unfortunately, she wont’ be 3 until November so she’ll have to wait yet another year, but at least she’ll be more than ready! Your camp has reached even those not in attendance.

N.D., Hyattsville, MD

My boys love kids and culture camp they have been talking about it all year and sing the kids and culture song often. The camp was my 3 year olds first introduction to a group learning environment. He was anxious about being away from us. By the end of day 3 all I could hear from him was do I have camp today! My 6 year old son loved the art learning activities, waterplay and yoga. He bonded with fellow campers from his school and neighborhood. We, the parents, including Grandma enjoyed the Festival Fridays which exposed the campers to public speaking, performance and praise from their peers, teachers, family and friends. Kids and Culture Camp is well rounded using culture as a medium to explore fitness, good nutrition, art and academics. I appreciate the involvement of parents, it makes leaving your child in the care of another less stressful. We look forward to another summer of Kids and Culture Camp.!
Nikki, Washington DC

My 4-year old son still practices some of the yoga moves he learned in camp. Every now and then, I hear him singing the Kids and Culture camp song. “Kids and Culture Camp is the BEST!”
Postelle, Washington DC

Kids and Culture is a great camp that allows children to get a glimpse into different parts of the world. It reinforces positive values and is staffed by positive role models for the children.
Happy Parent

Kids & Culture Camp Cookbook Front Cover (Paperback)

The second edition of KCC's Cookbook: "Vegan Cuisines from Around the World," takes your taste buds on an interactive culinary journey to sample a variety of cuisines from different regions while offering insight into the history of the dishes and ingredients along the way. The 35 plant-based and dairy-free recipes provided in this cookbook span the Americas, the Caribbean, Islands of the World, African Fare, Asia, and Australia, and each recipe is confidently kid-tested and approved.

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