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Since 2010, our mom-team has been shaping the hearts of children while instilling in them a love for learning. Read below to learn more about how we got started and where we’re headed.

The Beginning

Since the beginning, we have always believed that children can genuinely love and enjoy the process of learning.

The Birth

Our founder believed that inspiring children to celebrate diversity could help to alleviate societal prejudices.

The Present

We work hard to ensure that you can count on us to provide culturally enhancing educational experiences for your child.


The Beginning.

Since the beginning, we have always believed that children can genuinely love and enjoy the process of learning. Ten years ago, enrolling a child in an enrichment program meant that parents had to choose between programs that lacked variety, were cost prohibitive, or where the care and concern for each child was an afterthought.

Like many of you, we knew that developing a broadened sense of awareness and recognition of other cultures was something that shouldn’t come at a premium or prohibitive cost. We wanted to see a change in the educational enrichment offerings for conscientious parents who seek loving, cost-effective, and diverse educational experiences for their children. That desire became the beginning motivation behind Kids & Culture Camp.


To Inspire Children to Love Learning, Embrace Culture & Live Mindfully.


The Birth.

In 2010, Kids & Culture Camp was born. Our founder, Jania Otey, believed that inspiring children to use their education to celebrate diversity and build character could help to alleviate societal prejudices and misconceptions. When our children understand and appreciate each other, they make this world better. Jania’s personal journey as a homeschooling mother of young boys who was frustrated with the lack of diverse programs brought to light the need to develop affordable, culturally diverse, and engaging enrichment programs for young children.

After assembling a team of like-minded homeschool moms who shared this vision, Kids & Culture Camp’s journey led us to organize and create our first summer cultural enrichment program for children aged 3-12 on the campus of Howard University. Now in our 10th year, Kids & Culture Camp continues in its dedication of preparing every child today to thrive in tomorrow’s global society.


The Present.

We know that Kids & Culture Camp is not the first to create cultural enrichment programs for children, and we certainly won’t be the last. One thing we do know is that we’re different. KCC sets itself apart from the rest with a band of caring moms who lead the way in every educational endeavor, followed by a family of parents who 100% trust the journey. We work hard every day to ensure that you can count on us to provide culturally enhancing educational experiences for your child, just as we’ve delivered for over 1,000 other children. Our culture-centered programs continue to gain recognition across the world, and consistently receive overall parent ratings of “Excellent” each year.

We’re not just selling enrichment programs and materials for children. At Kids & Culture Camp we’re committed to genuinely shaping the hearts of every child so that they will love learning, embrace culture, and live mindfully as they become the next generation of leaders. That’s why we not only create and deliver phenomenal lesson plans, we treat each child as if they are our own, intentionally weaving love into every aspect of our programming. Together, we hope to change the way you view “education” for your child. Welcome to our journey.


We're excited to release our new cookbook, "Vegan Cuisines from Around the World". The Kids & Culture Camp Cookbook takes your taste buds on an interactive culinary journey to sample a variety of cuisines from different regions, while offering insight into the history of the dishes and ingredients along the way. The 30 plant-based and dairy-free recipes provided in this cookbook span the Americas, the Caribbean, Islands of the World, African Fare, Asia, and Australia and each recipe is confidently kid-tested and approved.