Parents this one is for you!
Get step-by-step guidance on how to start homeschooling.

Ready to create an organized and fun homeschool quickly
—but don’t know where to start?

Homeschool in a Hurry™ is a mini-workshop with supporting resources to help you start homeschooling in 7 days or less with ease, clarity, and confidence!


Like most parents, I also thought my children would attend public or private school when they were old enough.

But when I started looking into the schools in my area I was disappointed, and my mindset quickly changed.

So I began researching the requirements to home educate my children and never looked back.

My children are thriving academically, having fun socially, growing spiritually, and I have peace of mind knowing that I made the right decision to educate them at home.



I’m an attorney by training, the founder of Kids & Culture Camp by choice, and a homeschooling mama by design.

I’m a graduate of Howard University, and I’m working on a third degree. I stay home full-time with my children, and I love every minute of it!

Although I have 15 years of experience homeschooling my own children (a sophomore in high school who has already accumulated 22 hours of college credit and a junior high student who also excels academically) and over 10 years of experience providing educational services for children internationally, the creation of Homeschool in a Hurry™ all started as the result of my own homeschooling journey!

The Homeschool in a Hurry™ method is the same method that I followed before my husband and I decided to homeschool our children, and it includes the same process we used to prepare and execute an effective plan.

Parents can experience the same success that my family has enjoyed.

The tremendous benefit is that the process has been streamlined for you!

After talking with countless parents about how to start homeschooling and why I made this decision, I asked myself, “how can I help parents start homeschooling quickly and avoid unnecessary stress?”

“How can I equip parents with the information, resources, and tools they need to quickly and confidently begin their homeschooling journey with their children?”

My solution was the creation of Homeschool in a Hurry™.

It was time to share my knowledge to help parents avoid spending months and months searching the internet for answers. Just the thought of homeschooling can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.

The information inside Homeschool in a Hurry™ is the exact preparatory process I followed to homeschool my own children, except that it took me months to figure it all out.

Through Homeschool in a Hurry™, parents are empowered, equipped, and educated on how to develop a solid plan for creating a fun, organized, and effective homeschool environment for their children, while ensuring that they have thoroughly researched the laws and recordkeeping requirements and how to select curricula based upon their child’s learning styles.

Additionally, Homeschool in a Hurry™ guides parents on how to incorporate extracurricular activities, self-care, and much more! I have consolidated the information so that this can all be done in 7 days or less!


With Homeschool in a Hurry™, there is no need to stress over the organization and effectiveness of your homeschool.

You’ll learn exactly how to properly organize your homeschool and create a fun and fulfilling educational environment for your children so that you can begin homeschooling in 7 days or less.

Homeschool in a Hurry™ will help you avoid common mistakes parents make when they begin the homeschooling process so that you can focus on confidently teaching your children.

Ditch the overwhelm!
You. Can. Do. This!!


Do you ever ask yourself…

Homeschool in a Hurry™ you will help you …


You can feel confident in homeschooling your children. Homeschool in a Hurrying ™ will help you get organized easily and quickly.

You will become educated about homeschooling requirements and avoid common pitfalls that parents who are new to homeschooling often experience.

Homeschool in a Hurry™ was created because of my desire to equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to quickly and easily develop and implement an organized, yet fun homeschooling experience for your children so that you can teach them effectively and with confidence.

If you want to feel confident and comfortable as you begin or refine your homeschooling journey, Homeschool in a Hurry™ is for you!

Allow me to help you start homeschooling in just 7 days or less. You can also have confidence that you know the homeschooling laws in your state or jurisdiction. You can have confidence that you know your child’s learning style so that selecting curricula will be a breeze. You can set up your dedicated space for homeschooling without breaking the bank. You can rest assured that your children will enjoy their homeschooling experience. You can have a clear plan in place for your child’s social interactions, standardized tests, and college readiness. I am here to help and that’s why Homeschool in a Hurry™ was created.

for just $27


You will have access to the exact process I used before I began homeschooling my two children. Many parents have benefitted from this process, and I want to share it with you because it’s super effective!

In 7 days or less, you will know:


Homeschool in a Hurry™ was designed in an easy-to-implement manner. You will have quick but thought-provoking questions to answer and select areas to research daily, but most of the foundational work will be completed as you watch the video workshop. It’s that simple!

Weekend Workbook

The Weekend Workbook is carefully designed to help you focus on the most important areas that you will research, consider, and implement as you begin your homeschooling journey. You will be able to complete many of the workbook questions as you watch the workshop video.

Video Workshop

The one-hour and forty-minute video workshop provides a detailed introduction to the key areas that you need to consider when homeschooling and helps you tackle the major areas so that you can begin homeschooling right away. It starts with your mindset and moves into legal requirements, strategies for organizing and scheduling your day, in addition to curricula selection, tips for implementation, and beyond the basics such as extracurricular activities, standardized testing, college preparation, and so much more.

Choosy Checklists

This easy to follow resource includes detailed checklists to aid you in completing your homeschool set-up in 7-days or less. A list of educational resources such as suggested curricula and helpful websites to inform you about the laws regarding homeschooling are some of the gems you’ll enjoy with Homeschool in a Hurry™.


As a bonus, you will also receive a sample homeschool high school transcript and a detailed description of courses that should accompany transcripts created by parents.

After you watch the video workshop, complete the Weekend Workbook, and the items on the Choosy Checklists, you will not only be very prepared to begin or refine your homeschool with ease, you will have a solid effective plan in place for your children’s schooling. You just need to work that plan!



What are you waiting for? Stop dreaming, stop pondering, and make all of those possibilities become a reality today with Homeschool in a Hurry™!



VALUE $110

Easy to follow video seminar (1 hr. 40 mins.)


* Preparing your mindset

* You know your child best

* Benefits of homeschooling

* Know the law

* Homeschool styles and methods

* Organizing tips

* Understanding learning styles

* Choosing curricula

* Budget considerations

* Goal setting

* Developing your school schedule

* Weekly routines and planning

* Creating a fun homeschool

* Answers to common questions

* Socialization and extracurricular


* Standardized Tests

* Avoiding obstacles

* Handling challenging moments

* Revolutionizing game-changers

* Preparing independent thinkers,

learners, and doers

* Safety and monitoring


* Well-being assessments

* Planning for college

* Transcripts and dual enrollment



Easy to follow workbook that identifies the most important areas you need to consider before and during your homeschooling journey


*Detailed 14-page pdf Workbook

*Concise questions and prompts to help you get organized

*Implementation strategies



Detailed 13-page checklist to put you on the path for homeschooling quickly


* 7-day pdf checklist to guide your research and preparation

* School supplies checklist

* Curricula and program suggestions

* Bonuses: sample high school transcript and course descriptions



Sample High School Transcript and Course Descriptions


* Sample Homeschool High School Transcript

* Sample Homeschool High Course Description

This is worth a grand total of $170
But, today you can get it for $27!


JANIA OTEY I was saddened by the pain and frustration of parents who do not know where to start with the homeschooling process. When talking every week to parents who are just getting started or who are considering homeschooling, they ask many of the same questions, they have the same frustrations, the same concerns, and they absolutely need guidance from experienced homeschoolers on how to get started or how to improve their current homeschooling routine. You don’t have to spend month after month researching homeschool laws and trying to figure out how to start homeschooling. &nbsp Homeschool in Hurry™ was created because I wanted to streamline that process for parents. There was no need to spend countless hours trying to figure out the best homeschooling practices when I could provide a clear roadmap, cut through the overwhelm, and save you time. My desire was to create an easy way for parents to become educated quickly on the homeschool process and how to set up their homeschool with clarity and confidence in 7 days or less.


How does this work?

After you purchase Homeschool in a Hurry™, you will receive an email with instructions on how to log in to the portal. You can begin watching the video workshop in the portal and download the Weekend Workbook and the Choosey Checklists.

Can Homeschool in a Hurry™ really help me?

Yes! Absolutely. Homeschool in a Hurry™ was designed to streamline the process for anyone who is interested in getting started homeschooling. After you complete the program, you will have the knowledge, tools, and direction you need to successfully homeschool your children.

Can Homeschool in a Hurry™ help me if I’ve already started homeschooling?

Without a doubt! Many homeschoolers jump into the process without having properly researched the law, without thoroughly considering their children’s learning styles, and without having a solid plan in place regarding schedules, extracurricular activities, standardized testing, and even self-care. Homeschool in a Hurry™ will help you refine the process that you already have in place.
Can I really complete this in 7-Days or Less?

Yep! Many of the questions and tasks that you need to answer can be completed as you watch the Homeschool in a Hurry™ workshop video. The remaining tasks will require you to do some quick research, quickly organize, and purchase curricula for your homeschool using the Choosy Checklists as a guide. We’ve streamlined the process for you, so it’s totally doable in 7 days or less!

Why are you selling this at such a low price?

As a mom with two children that I have homeschooled for over 15 years, I talk with so many parents who are struggling and just don’t know where to start or parents who have started the process and need guidance. I wanted to make sure that price was not an obstacle for anyone who wanted help! That’s really it!

What if I have questions as I am completing the workshop?

Can your team provide additional help?

Please feel free to email with your questions. We will do our best to respond within 48 hours.

How long has Jania Otey, the creator of Homeschool in a Hurry™ been home educating her children?
What are her credentials?

Jania has homeschooled her two children for over 15 years. Her oldest son completed two grades in one year, he has accumulated 22 hours of college credit, and he is on track to graduate high school as a junior. Jania has a B.A. and a Juris Doctor degree. She is also currently working on a master’s degree. Jania is admitted to practice law in Maryland and Washington, D.C., and speaks regularly at homeschool conferences. See Jania’s bio.
How long do I have access to Homeschool in a Hurry™?
You will have access to Homeschool in a Hurry™ as long as you need it! We highly suggest that you download the seminar video, Workbook, and Checklists. If we decide to change the portal or even completely do away with it, we’ll let you know so that you can download everything.
Can I use Homeschool in a Hurry™ even if I have no tech skills?
Yes, of course! All you’ll need to do is log in to the portal, press play to watch the workshop videos, and download the accompanying materials. That’s it, and that’s all!
What is your refund policy?
Since Homeschool in a Hurry™ is a digital product, we do not offer refunds once the product has been purchased.
Is there technical support?

If you experience any technical issues, email us at




Since Homeschool in a Hurry™ is a digital product, we do not offer refunds once the product has been purchased.



If you invest 7-Days or less now to get your homeschool organized…

Grab Homeschool in a Hurry™ now before this offer expires.


Ready to create an organized and fun homeschool quickly
—but don’t know where to start?

Homeschool in a Hurry™ is a mini-workshop with supporting resources to help you start homeschooling in 7 days or less with ease, clarity, and confidence!

Don’t wait until the price goes up! Grab your digital copy today.

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