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Homeschool Classes

Our homeschool Mamas and experienced educators provide your child with valuable, enriching, and memorable learning experiences.

Our Care Continues 

Kids & Culture’s caring educators will ensure that your child continues to learn, explore, and be challenged academically while having fun. We won’t let COVID-19 hinder the intellectual growth of our precious children. Scroll to learn more.


All classes are nine weeks, one hour in duration, culturally infused, and held via Zoom. Each class is taught by an experienced Kids and Culture educator. Homeschool classes for the Winter Cultural Journey include Botswana’s Beautiful Bounty, Cultural Connections, Pattern Play Artful Matters, and Writing Through Culture. With the exception of the writing class, all classes will begin the week of January 11 ending March 12, 2021. The Writing Through Culture class will begin on February 3, 2021.  A minimum of 5 students is required.


Homeschool Classes


KCC Online

Sessions are held via Zoom

Botswana, Cultural Connections,
and the Art classes begin the week of Jan. 11
ending March 12, 2021

Writing Through Culture begins
February 3, 2021 

Camp Hours

Hours for classes vary 



Botswana’s Beautiful Bounty

Grades: PreK-1st (Ages 3-5)
Date: Mondays
Time: 1:15 PM EST
Instructor: Chanita Williams
Cost: $20 ($10 off) / $180 Semester
(Parents may opt for 1-Day drop-in / $20) 

Cultural Connections

Grades: 1st-2nd
Date: Wednesdays
Time: 1:00 PM EST
Instructor: Aliya Bowie
Cost: $20 ($10 off) / $180 Semester
(Parents may opt for 1-Day drop-in / $20) 

Writing Through Culture

Grades: 6th-8th
Days: Wednesday (Class starts Feb. 3)
Time: 2:00 PM EST
Instructor: Jamia Eaton
Cost: $25 ($15 off) / $225 Semester

Pattern Play Artful Matters

Grades: 3rd and up
Date: Tuesdays
Time: 2:00 PM EST
Instructor: Anna Fogg
Cost: $20 ($10 off) / $180 Semester
(Class is closed) 


Deadlines & Supplies

A non-fundable 50% deposit is due paid at the time of registration. All fees must be paid in FULL at least 3 days before the start of classes. Payment arrangements will be honored. Botswana, Cultural Connections, and the Art classes start the week of January 11 and end on March 12, 2021. Writing Through Culture starts on February 3, 2021. Instructors will provide a list of supplies needed (if any) at least one week before the start of class. Select classes allow for 1-day drop-ins. 

Class Descriptions & Bios

Botswana's Beautiful Bounty: Grades PreK-1st
Class Description: 
Students will explore the rich culture of Botswana as they learn about the county’s historical development, independence, food, culture, art,  farmland, and agriculture.
Instructor Bio: 
Chanita Williams, M.S.W., B.S in Sociology, 12-year homeschooling Mama.


Cultural Connections: Grades 1st-2nd
Class Description: 
Students will explore the regions of the U.S. From the Giant Redwoods of California to the African-French fusion cuisine of creole Louisiana, the best of America’s landmarks, nature, and cultures will be celebrated. Students will also learn basic geography and mapping skills.
Instructor Bio: 
Aliya Bowie, Certified Montessori Education Programs International instructor (20+ yrs experience).
Pattern Play Artful Matters: Grades 3rd and Up
Class Description: 
In art, a pattern is a repetition of specific visual elements. Using the definition of “pattern” as an arrangement of repeated or corresponding parts, decorative motifs, etc., students will create and replicate patterns as design for fun and creativity using paint and watercolors.
Instructor Bio: 
Anna Fogg, 25-year homeschooling Mama and University of The Virgin Islands Art and Art History instructor (36+ yrs experience).
Writing Through Culture: Grades 6-8
Class Description: 
This class will teach students how to write persuasively using the Lost Tools of Writing (LTW) level one writing method, infusing culturally relevant short stories. While this class will focus on developing a strong argumentative essay, the persuasive writing method will benefit students in all forms of writing, speech, and presentation. Students will receive a letter grade. Prerequisite: Writing assessment administered 1 week prior to class. Materials will be supplied by the instructor electronically.
Instructor Bio: 
Jamia Eaton, Certified Lost Tools of Writing Instructor and 11-year homeschooling Mama.

Our Policies

NEEDED DEVICES. A computer or other mobile device is needed in order to access Zoom. Ipads, tablets, or cell phones may also be used. If you have more than one child enrolled and they are in different age groups, each child will need access to his or her own device. Computers or Ipads are recommended. Cell phones limit the child’s ability to see the screen and fully interact with the teachers.

RECORDINGS & DRESS.  Each session will be recorded. Please be mindful of the camera, your dress, your child’s dress, and any language or sound that may be picked up by the camera. We always stress modest dress. If your children have attended KCC in the past, we encourage them to wear their camp shirts during class.

If your child misses a class, we will make every effort to email the recording within 24-hours. The videos usually require some editing so please be patient with our team.


QUIET BACKGROUND. In order to ensure that each camper will be able to hear and participate fully, we ask that parents do your best to limit any background noise. We recommend finding a quiet place to set-up for your camper’s sessions. If you have reliable headphones or earbuds with a microphone, this is also recommended to reduce potential background noise.





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