Uganda’s Unique Unity Pre-K-K
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Lesson 1A: Uganda Culture Craft Unity Pre-K – K


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Lesson 1: Overview
Students will identify the continent of Africa.
Students will identify the country of Uganda and its capital.
Students will learn about Uganda’s flag.

Lesson 2: Overview
Students will learn about the endangered mountain gorillas of Uganda.
Students will define habitat, protected habitat, and natural habitat.
Students will learn about the Rwenzori Mountains/Bwindi Impenetrable Forest within Uganda.
Students will practice writing the letter G and complete a craft.

Lesson 3: Overview
Students will discover that English is the national language of Uganda.
Students will learn about the Swahili and Luganda languages.
Students will learn to count and say several words and greetings in Swahili.
Students will create a Swahili counting book.

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