Grasping Ghana’s Greatness Pre-K-K
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Lesson 3: Language, Symbols and Day Names

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Lesson 1: Overview

Ghana’s Geography

  • Students will identify the continent of Africa on the World Map.
  • Students will identify the country of Ghana, within Africa, its size and geographic location in West Africa using maps.
  • Students will note the capital of Ghana and how to identify any country’s capital.

Ghana’s Flag

  • Students will learn about Ghana’s flag.
  • Students will learn what the colors and symbols on the flag represent.
  • Students will create “straw flags” and color the flag coloring sheets.

Ghana’s Culture

  • Students will learn about Ghana’s culture using pictures.
  • Students will learn about Ghanaian food, language, landforms, animals, agriculture, sports and leaders.
  • Students will be able to identify Ghana’s capital, first president, and national dish.

Lesson 2: Overview

Folktales of Ghana

  • Students will learn the definition of folktales
  • Students will be able to identify characteristics of figures in folktales
  • Students will learn to define the moral of a story

The Clever Trickster, Anansi the Spider

  • Students will learn what spiders represent in Ghana/Africa
  • Students will determine if Anansi is a trickster or clever, or both
  • Students will learn the lessons from Anansi stories

All Stories Belong to Anansi

  • Students will learn how Anansi obtained all the stories
  • Students will hear about Anansi’s family
  • Students will learn how Anansi stories are all over the world

Lesson 3: Overview

Language of Ghana – Twi

  • Students will learn some Twi language (Akuapem Dialect)
  • Review numbers (1 to 10) in Twi (Akuapem Dialect)
  • Review common phrases in Twi (Akuapem Dialect)

All About Adinkra Symbols

  • Students will learn the origin of Adinkra Symbols
  • Students will learn meanings of two popular Adinkra Symbols
  • Students will see Adinkra Symbols in Kente cloth

Akan Day Names

  • Students will learn history of the Akan tradition of Day Names
  • Student will learn and see a listing of Male and Female Akan Day names
  • Students will determine their Akan Day name
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