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Lesson 1: Overview
Students will explore Brazil’s bountiful geographical features.
Students will identify Brazil on a map of South America.
Students will identify neighboring countries of Brazil.
Students will identify the lakes, rivers, and highlands of Brazil. Students will explore Brazil’s biomes.
Students will define the terms tributary, rainforest, highlands, and Pantanal.

Lesson 2: Overview
Students will learn about Brazil’s national symbols.
Students will learn about Brazilian indigenous people.
Students will explore Brazil’s pre-colonization history.
Students will explore the Amerindian and Terena people.
Students will learn about Brazil’s road to independence from the Portuguese.
Students will learn Brazil’s social traditions and select phrases in Portuguese.
Students will explore current environmental, social, and economical concerns of Brazilians.

Lesson 3: Overview
Students will learn about one Brazilian traditional artist, Vik Muniz.
Students will learn about Brazilian poet-artist, Miriam Alves.
Students will learn about Capoeira Afro-Brazilian martial art.
Students will learn about the history and significance of Capoeira.
Students will explore samba, Brazilian musical instruments, and Afro-Brazilian music.

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