Bountiful Brazil 1-3 grades
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Lesson 1: Overview
Students will explore the map of Brazil and its surrounding geography.
Students will locate Brazil and South America on the map.
Students will locate Brazil’s neighboring countries and identify important rivers and rainforests in Brazil.
Students will learn about the Amazon Rainforest and its animals.
Students will learn and recall facts about the Iguazu Falls and Fernando de Noronha Islands.

Lesson 2: Overview 
Students will recall important facts about languages spoken in Brazil and people.
Students will use different sayings in Portuguese to communicate.
Students will learn about Brazilian culture, history, and its flag.
Students will explore the music and dance of Brazil.
Students will learn facts about two important cities in Brazil: Bahia de Salvador and Rio de Janeiro.

Lesson 3: Overview 
Students will learn about Carnaval in Brazil.
Students will learn about Capoeira and soccer.
Students will learn about the importance of both of these sports to the people.
Students will learn about popular foods and dishes native to Brazil.
Students will compare Brazilian dishes from different parts of the country and American food.


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