This month we celebrate the accomplishments of Jabea Nsombi Msola! Jabea is in the 10th grade and she started attending KCC at age 4. Her paternal Tanzanian roots have fostered a sense of returning home to further her education in the near future. As a homeschool student, Jabea has had the opportunity to learn from educators across the diaspora. Learning about the diverse cultures of her people is what she enjoyed most during her 7 years at KCC. She returned to KCC in June 2022 as a counselor-in-training where she offered support to other students who were immersed in the rich KCC learning environment.

Jabea has a passion for all things creative. She has a wide range of interests from writing and illustrating stories to studying architectural design. Her hope is to use her creative skills to contribute to enriching the lives of her people. In addition to running track, dancing, and making music, you will find this young seamstress creating athletic wear for youth. Jabea started her clothing line, Kushinda Kwa Maringo (Swahili for “winning with style”), soon after beginning sewing classes. Check out her designs at

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