It’s been a trying two years with COVID-19. But, we want to encourage all parents to take some time to reflect on the positives that can come out of any difficulty or adversity. Use that positive energy to start thinking about how you will continue to support, guide, and encourage your children this school year. Start a new back-to-school tradition with your children to get them excited about school. A little card from Mom or Dad and a handy new tool for school from the dollar store can bring priceless smiles.

  • If you are homeschooling your children or if you are on the fence about homeschooling, always remember that you know your child best! You. Can. Do. This! 
  • Here’s a little tip for new homeschoolers from, Jania Otey, KCC’s Executive Director. Click here.

  • Homeschool in a Hurry is an excellent quick resource to help parents get started homeschooling.

We look forward to you sharing your victories with us. Please reach out if you need any assistance with planning your child’s education!

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