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This month we celebrate the accomplishments of Sanai Eaton-Martinez (homeschooled 11-yrs). Sanai has attended KCC since she was 6 years old and her accomplishments are stellar. She was the commencement speaker for her graduating high school class in May, she is a published poet, runner-up of the National “I Matter” Poetry competition, and will attend Virginia Commonwealth University in the fall! A lover of history, justice, and Constitutional law, she begins her college journey in the fall with a dual major in Political Science and Sociology. Sanai will continue to use her voice through creative and formal platforms to encourage others and call attention to injustices. This young published poet is currently working on a cultural literary work of poetry while managing a book club and writing workshop for other high schoolers. Sanai Eaton-Martinez, a KCC star with a bright future in leadership, encouragement, and justice.

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