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Enrollment for Culture Quest™, Kids & Culture’s (KCC) brand-new self-paced cultural immersion program is open! Whether you live on the east coast, the west coast, or in a country outside of the United States, your children can now experience Kids & Culture Camp from wherever you are located! With so much going on in the world today, the need for our children to learn about and appreciate people and cultures from all over the globe is of extreme importance. So many problems that we see now, and in times past, stem from a lack of awareness and excluding the rich history and culture of people from around the world. Today’s traditional educational system is also riddled with poorly written textbooks and a lack of appreciation for celebrating and educating our children about diversity. That’s why we decided to create an easy way for parents to teach their children the things they won’t find in most traditional curricula – the things that have the power to truly prepare them to live up to their full potential.

KCC’s unique virtual course allows children to embark on an exciting Culture Quest™ as they explore a number of countries such as Uganda, Brazil, Ghana, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and Morocco. Each signature-style engaging lesson is aligned to KCC’s highly effective standards as well as select state standards developed by KCC’s team of mom-educators and reviewed by experts in the field of K-12 education. Every lesson is taught by one of KCC’s phenomenal educators who ignite a love for cultural learning in each child. There are three 30-minute lessons per Quest filled with vivid images, interactive questions, homework assignments, and assessments, along with a featured video hands-on-activity to help the learning experience truly come alive. A new Quest will be added monthly. Look around, you won’t find any other program like this one. We’d love to chat with you about your educational goals for your children and how we can help. For more info visit the Culture Quest™ enrollment page and schedule a call with KCC’s Executive Director.

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