The intense sound was piercing. It seemed to get louder and louder. My heart beat rapidly as I scanned the room. A camper was in distress.

We had just finished another fantastic KCC Festival Friday Celebration. The auditorium bustled with laughter and chatter, as the teachers led their campers back to the classrooms to prepare for dismissal.

But, that wailing resounded even more. What could have happened? As the camp director, I knew we had the most loving team of educators in D.C. and from many different states and countries. Some had traveled as far away as Kenya, Africa, just to provide this amazing memorable experience for each camper.

Surely, that camper is safe, I thought to myself, as I kept scanning the room trying to figure out where the sobbing was coming from.

And then it happened, as I raced down the hallway, bypassing the parents who were chatting about their plans for the fall…

His mom stood there with a bewildered look on her face.

What went wrong? Our staff was in place at the sign-out desk and kids were happily singing the Kids & Culture Camp chant as they waved goodbye and high-fived their friends.

As I approach the desk, my eyes met the concerned eyes of Andre’s mom. Her sweet 6-year-old camper was crying almost uncontrollably. I got down on one knee and peered into his endearing brown eyes and said, “Andre what’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

At that moment I knew, everything that KCC had worked to accomplish over the past decade was on the line…

He looked at me with those huge tears streaming down his eyes, and said,

“I… I… I … don’t want to leave camp! I want it to last forever!!”

Andre gave me a big teddy bear and I assured him that he’d have just as much fun (if not more) learning about our next country of focus on Monday!!

That’s what KCC is all about and in the midst of COVID-19 we’re still here for you. We’ll miss seeing all of our campers in-person but we’ve created something very special that will allow us to still connect with your children. KCC Online is here! Same culture…different scene. Checkout out our new Online Camp page and register today.