Have you heard the buzz about Kids & Culture Camp’s vegan cookbook? Come and get a taste, literally, of the tantalizing dishes featured in this amazing cookbook and also obtain a sneak preview into our highly acclaimed camp program on March 1, 2020, at Sankofa Books & Cafe. Jania Otey, Kids & Culture’s Executive Director, along with her extraordinary team of loving, Mom-educators, will provide storytime, hands-on cultural crafting, and an engaging cooking demo. Bring your children and observe for yourself how Kids & Culture stimulates young minds to discover and appreciate the natural connection between history, culture, and cuisines from around the world. Cookbooks will be available for purchase or grab your copy now.

The cookbook itself appeals to a wide range of audiences and fits in well with a variety of dietary preferences. The food styling and photography are bright and evocative and the recipes are all beloved by the campers, parents, and instructors at Kids & Culture Camp. Moreover, the recipes themselves are written in a way that is very accessible to cooks with varying levels of experience. All of the recipes can be made by children with adult supervision, just as they are made by the children who attend Kids & Culture Camp. The measurements are simple and straightforward, only basic kitchen equipment is required, and the instructions are written clearly so that they can be understood by home cooks with limited culinary skills, vocabulary, and experience. Children who participate in the preparation of their own meals are more inclined to eat what they have made, and by preparing the recipes presented in the Kids & Culture Camp Cookbook, children are given the opportunity to refine their palates while expanding their horizons and learning about new and different cultures through the prism of food.