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In case you haven’t noticed we’ve been very busy, not only getting ready for camp, but we’re excited to share our amazing new cookbook!

We are offering a special price of $18.50 (plus tax) for a limited time only and your hot-off-the press KIDS & CULTURE CAMP COOKBOOK will be available for pick-up when camp starts! So what’s so special about this book? The KIDS & CULTURE CAMP COOKBOOK takes your taste buds on an interactive culinary journey to sample a variety of cuisines from different regions, while offering insight into the history of the dishes and ingredients along the way. Written by Jania Otey, a vegan cook, home educator, and the Founder and Executive Director of Kids & Culture Camp, KIDS & CULTURE CAMP COOKBOOK is a gastronomic exploration of vegan food from around the world. The 30 plant-based and dairy-free recipes provided in this cookbook span the Americas, the Caribbean, Islands of the World, African Fare, Asia, and Australia. Each recipe is confidently kid-tested and approved.

The ingredients featured in the recipes are simple, wholesome, and generally readily available year-round in the average American supermarket. By sharing these recipes, Jania promotes healthy and mindful eating and emphasizes the connection between food, culture, and understanding. The educational component of the cookbook is artfully and subtly communicated. Similar to Kids & Culture Camp’s programming, in which all learning is experiential, the recipes in KIDS & CULTURE CAMP COOKBOOK teach children about a variety of culturally significant dishes and ingredients by describing the foods that are typical of different regions and encouraging children to prepare and consume the dishes themselves. Consequently, learning about international cuisine is fun and rewarding—never boring!

KIDS & CULTURE CAMP COOKBOOK offers not only a collection of delicious recipes, it also embodies the philosophy of Kids & Culture Camp and gives readers a taste of what the campers learn and do through the programming that is offered and the food that unites them.